Fantasy Sniper

Who among the players of Gogy land will be able to gain the final title of the Fantasy Sniper with his or her shooting skills? The competition for this title has started in this new game and your job is to simply cross all the targets off the list. Shoot at them using any weapons in the gun range that you would like, even if it's a rifle, short-handed gun, pistol, or whatever you pick. We provide a wide collection of guns for you in the store of this game.

However, only by having won enough levels will you have coins for purchasing. Graphics, sceneries, and background are the most invested for this game so that we can recreate the most realistic shooting sites for the players. One of the most trusted weapons is the modern sniper rifle, most of the kids have chosen this one to shoot all the fantasy creatures and succeed, therefore, it's recommended.

Precision and knowledge of the other elements will guarantee your winning chance in this game, as well as open up the new path for other shooting gaming selections such as Top Model Fashion Dress Up from our free collection at ! Not only will the number of targets increases but the time limit also diminishes. 

Be prepared for the worst scenario and keep your finger steady to pull the trigger on time! This game will inevitably enhance your focus point, shooting, and aiming techniques as well as a sharp mind to be stable under mass pressure! Can you come up with a new strategy or new way of shooting to clear the matches fast? Practice your next round as soon as possible and introduce this game to your action-loving friends!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Shoot using LMB keys, Zoom with ZMB, and use P to pause.