Have you tried out this amazing great tower game of The Utans to defend the land of Manvas with limited resources? This Gogy online game  has a total of 12 levels that all focus on the task of defeating the attacks of the enemies. Depending on the phase, you will have to conquer different tasks, but all with the same goal of building a strong defensive line for your kingdom.

First, learn about the types of invasion that you can create. From sending the enemies home in a jiffy to creating a brand new huge-scaled invasion, there are tons of things that you can pick if it suits your strategy. As the Utans are under attack by the force of the unknown, they have been sighted on many places on Mars. Let's guide and command the villagers of this game to defend the drums that are blasting to warn the other village. Don't worry if this is the first time you protected this village of Utan.

We have a guide that takes you through the necessary steps to understand the mechanism of the match. Choose the unit that you like and release them on the glowing tree point scattered along the way. As it's a strategy game of Gogy land, you will need to come up with the best solution and how to disperse your resources to keep the kingdom safe. When selecting troops and building them on the given spots, you will need to improve the quality of the towers by upgrading them.

Moreover, the special elements that show up randomly in some levels are helpful later for the upgrading menu. The work of upgrading the troop from scratch will be a lot, therefore, we recommend that you try to gather as many fruits as possible before the attack waves start! Try out more fun games of strategy and tactics like Trackmania Blitz at too! 

Instruction to play:

Click and move the troops with the mouse.