Witch Alchemist Saga

Dive into the interesting storyline of this new game called Witch Alchemist Saga from Gogy game for kids, where you get to select from the trendiest and most popular gameplay nowadays. This is one of the new 3-matching games for kids where it's all about matching up lines of the same pieces and clear them off the board. Keep on this journey with the little witch and her friends without any cost right now!

We are looking for the best players who can embark on the mission of searching all nook and cranny to spot the candies. The kingdom is vast so it will take a while to spot all of them. Newbies can start with practicing small missions to get used to the basics of it. Once you are familiar with the layout and the controlling keys, it's time to start collecting the required colored candies. The key is to make sure that you can reach the designated number that the mission shows at the beginning of each level. Only by finishing the stage with that specific result can you move onto the next one.

The game will count for any line that contains more than three pieces so you should do your best to spot more than that number at once. Claiming a total of three stars per stage will bring you the highest scores possible, as well as a high ranking on the board. Collect the bonuses that will assist you in the harder challenges and use them wisely on time. Not only will power-ups and bonuses allow you to finish the stage faster but it will become quite handy in cases when you need a way out or when you got stuck.

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Instruction to play:

Choose and match the pieces using the left mouse button.