Charge Now

In Charge Now, you will have to use your wisdom to find out which socket will go with which plug. It might sound easy, however, connecting all the plugs without missing out on any will be much harder as you reach the high levels of this Gogy free game. Instead of solving jigsaws, puzzles, and quizzes, train your brain and improve the problem-solving skill sets with this virtual game that has a new idea.

This game falls into the category of the hypercasual games that are easy to learn the rule yet hard to master. What will you do if there are not enough sockets for the available plug? This game will test your interactive ability and the skills of finding out new items to solve the case. Think outside of the box and you will be able to come up with the most creative way to plug the phones in.

All of the phones are on low battery, so be quick and plug their sockets to the free spaces. Once all the plugs are placed correctly, you will win that level and can move onto the more difficult ones. Sometimes, you will have to take advantage of other items like a blowdryer, a switch, or a string to clear the path for the sockets. It sounds pretty easy for newcomers yet addictive and challenging enough to keep the players going back for more stages!

Let's see if your scores will be the highest among the players from all around the world in this puzzle game from! For the fans of wisdom games, feel free to dive into more brain-wrecking games such as Frisbee Forever 2. that will test your intelligence with the toughest questions. 

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse to pick up the plug and put it into the sockets.