Birds Connect Deluxe

Birds Connect Deluxe is no other than one classic option if you are looking for an intense yet incredibly satisfying to enjoy during break time. The mission of this puzzle game is inspired by some popular piece-removing games that you used to enjoy. If you have been familiar with Pikachu or Mahjong, this game will be a piece of cake for you. However, instead of emphasizing a long-term game that requires focusing for a long time, this Gogy kid game is shorter and has more levels.

In order to win, the players will have to conquer one challenge to another. By successfully connect all the possible pairs of similar pieces, you will be able to pass a level. Keep going through the game and climb up the top stages! Spot the similar icons that can be matched using less than three lines and eliminate all the titles appearing on the board with your wits. If there are more than 2 turns showing up when you connect, the pairs can't be removed. You can connect identical tiles to eliminate both in which each connection can have no more than 2 turns.

A total of 15 stages, each with a unique layout and a different number of pieces, will be your salvation during the boring breaktime. Continue gaining more scores once you find out the strategy to finish the game quickly. By doing so, you gain more time rewards that are given to players who manage to finish before the time bounds end.

Keep it going as long as you'd like and let's find out if you will love other similar games like Darkmaster And Lightmaiden from our website of! There are plenty of lines that you can match and thousands of ways to win one level, so be creative! 

Instruction to play:

Match the pairs using the left button.