Bluenery Tower Defense

Surely you will love the game Bluenery Tower Defense at gogy online games for everyone with its fighting style. The enemy will appear and move on to your castle. You must build turrets along the way to destroy the enemy before they can reach your military base. If you let them escape the path, the game will end.


There are many different levels for you to explore in this game, starting with the ability to arrange the turrets at the right time. They will help you kill enemies in increasing numbers. This game is special if you know how to fight with the most basic tips. We always help players participate in the game and get the highest score. You can share with your friends the fighting games and they can relax in their spare time.


Try to win by your own ability in this battle at We help players participate in the game without being bothered by the ads or load speed. You have time to explore your favorite game world and save your favorite games to your daily playlist. Explore all the different ways of playing your game and complete the task as quickly as possible. Enemies will constantly appear in the level so be careful. Different fighting styles will help you kill them.


Build the turrets by the amount you earn from the score after destroying enemies in this game. The newest games similar to this fighting game are constantly being updated on the website you can explore like Frontline Defense 2 and Zombie Plague. Love the game and you fight to win the final battle. 

Instruction to play:


Place turrets to destroy enemies. By killing the enemy, you earn gold for new turrets