If you are looking for card games where your friends can also join the table, Rummy from Gogy land is one of the great choices. This is an interesting card game with unfamiliar gameplay. One of the highlight features of the game is that up to 4 players can take part in it at the same time.

First, players are allowed to take their pick from 3 different game modes: 2 players, 3 players, and 4 players. After this, the real card game starts. If you haven't tried out this type of games before, there will be a detailed tutorial at to make sure that even beginners grasp the rules of it. The purpose of this card game is to put forward all of your combinations before your opponents do.

When the game starts, each player starts off with 7 cards only. Using these 7 cards, you need to create as many combinations as possible to score the most. The deck on the left corner of the table dealt cards when there are no available combos on your hand. If there are not enough players, some of them will be computers. A round of card game like this lasts for quite a long time, depending on the ability of the players to find combos and end the game soon.

It's a game that also put your calculating skills and organizing skills to test as well. In the same collection of card games, you can check out other choices like Hangman Adventure and UNO Online later if this suits your taste. 

Instruction to play:

Move and choose the cards using the left mouse.