Circle Collector

Circle Collector will be the most satisfying and addictive gameplay that you encounter in the new batch of the game for kids at Gogy arcade games! The rule is so simple that even without a tutorial, kids of all ages get the rule and the tasks with just one trial. You will be controlling three balls that are empty and placed at the bottom of the screen. It's your job to click on each ball to suck the circles with similar colors into that ball.

However, the biggest obstacle that will prevent you from collecting smoothly is the grey circle. This grey circle has spiky edges and it will blow up any colored ball if it comes into contact with dots, circles of any type. Since the grey circle moves unexpectedly from one end to another, it's your job to spot the best timing to suck all colored ball. Which color should we hit first?

Pay attention to the grey circle that is floating over the units and estimate when it will reach your chosen ball. Don't lose your patience and slowly fill up the colored ball. Even one of the colored circles touches the grey one, your turn will be over. Try your best to gain the top-notched scores to fit on the top of the Leaderboard, which is preserved for the most advanced players only. Playing fast to avoid the grey circle is a good tactic, however, keep an eye on the position of the grey circle and the layout on the platform will be helpful later.

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Instruction to play:

Click on the colored ball to suck the circles in.