Cute Shapes

Nurture the little kids' creativity with a Gogy fun game called Cute Shapes! There is no limitation on the time or the possibilities in this brand new drawing game. Art is such a delicate subject, therefore, we provide a collection of interesting and cute face features for the little kids to learn from scratch. From how to place the features, how to pick the color to the most suitable shapes, this designing game will test your coordination and matching skills!

The first thing to do is to get familiar with the available shapes like circle, square, triangle and get to know six different expressions like sad, happy or funny. By choosing each one and match them, there are countless possibilities for your individual art choice.

When you have filled up the blank space, just simply flip to the next page and continue your creative journey! Thanks to the simple gameplay yet vibrant and lively design, the game will guarantee educational lessons and interesting playtime nonetheless that will capture the attention of the kids.

Do you know that there is a whole section filled with this genre at Check it on a daily basis to get a hold of the latest gaming options for both boys and girls! Pick up the paintbrush and color in more games like Jewel Burst  and Popcorn Burst 3D later!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or tap on the screen to choose the shapes and color them.