The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup is the new task for the kids who love to contribute a bit to the cleanup of the ocean here at Gogy 2021! You will join the little smurfs in the quest of capturing all the trash pieces floating in the ocean. They are of all different shapes and have different movements, therefore, we will need the players to control the rod wisely to optimize. The best result will be to capture a lot of trash pieces within one throw.

The smurfs will try to clean all the water body that surrounds the tropical island that is their home. Make sure that Gargamel and Azrael can't release any other trash or turn the ocean into a dirty place anymore! First, pull any items that are within your reach when dropping the rod. Once you are used to controlling the rod, feel free to drag it around and try to grab as many objects as possible. If you manage to collect some coins from the water, trade them and purchase the upgrades from the store for a better capturing ability.

The upgrades will also help get a longer fishing line that assists in putting away the garbage. Other than that, do you know that some valuable treasures and cool stickers are also floating around waiting to be captured? To make the most out of one turn, we recommend that you flexibly move the rod around to get closer to more objects on the other side of the water body. Dropping the line on time will also be another crucial element for gaining the top record in this game Get some experience and go on with the new quests in other games like Winter Vacation!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Drop the rod using the left mouse cursor and drag the mouse to move it.