Ikki Samurai Jump

Ikki Samurai Jump is not your ordinary new game with a simple theme. Dive into this tough arcade game with the hardest challenge among the range of the samurai game for kids at Gogy land! Emerge in the hidden forest where the bamboos grow as high as the buildings. Your task is to assist Ikki - the mighty samurai to conquer the highest platform filled with bamboo as possible.

A bit of adventure will consist of more than just high platforms. Keep an eye out for the randomly pop-up wolves and obstacles that will become a hindrance to your next journey. Be beware of the new enemies and steer clear of their positions. Jump swiftly and intentionally with Ikki but it will not be easy to master the jumping spots for him.

Controlling the timing of the jump might be the main task of this game, but we recommend you try and gather as many scores as possible as well. We are looking for the one samurai who can survive all these tough challenges without any failure! It's also a good chance to improve your flexibility, adaptability, and ability to increase the speed with carefulness. Slowly gather scores and make your way upward!

Let's see if your scores can be the first ranking on the Leaderboard at https://gogy.games/ or not! Dive into the world of free games with a bunch of free options such as Sniper Shot: Bullet Time for kids of all ages. Boys can find their own range of action-based games, while girls can dominate the girl games and cooking games online! How long will it take for you to dominate this bamboo forest filled with hungry wolves and hidden doors? 

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button to jump and release to stop jumping.