Journey To The North

Your goal in Journey To The North is to get into the dragon's lair without it knowing, show the swift movements, and steal his stash of gold as fast as possible! It's the battle between the bravest soldiers who share the desire of the gold treasure hidden in Gogy land. Such an interesting task requires your focus, flexibility, and sense of adventure game. Don't forget to turn on the sound to enjoy the realistic background sounds while indulging in the most exclusive adventure with dragons!

Keep collecting gold but remember to take a close look at the top right corner once in a while. You can hide in the barrel while moving in and out to gather the gold pieces, but once the bar turns orange, you have to stop moving at all costs, or else the dragon will see you! More obstacles such as the fireballs, dark deep pits also await you on the road.

Jump and move up at the right timing to keep your character safe from those moving blazes and deep holes randomly popping up. You have a total of three lives per trial, so don't waste any lives. Upgrade your skills gradually because the higher levels require more and more inventive skills in order to secure the life of the character.

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Instruction to play:

Move and interact using the arrow keys.