Kogama Two Fort

Roll up your sleeves and show the world how a smart strategy will pan out in the battle of Kogama Two Fort from Gogy action games! If you manage to make it out of this intense battle with no injury, there's no hard-action game that you can't conquer! This is one of the most interesting new games with a 360-degree gaming screen that you can explore. As the forces are trying to invade the kingdom and most specifically, your base, you will have to fight and protect your land.

Before these enemies plot to destroy your base, you need to take charge before anything starts to spiral out of control. All players joining this game will be assigned or get to choose between the red team and the blue team. Your enemies are hiding in different corners of the map, which means that you need to locate and remove them before they get the upper hand. Thanks to the multi-dimensional map, you will be able to observe the game from all directions. This creates a sense of a realistic point of view and is almost similar to a real-world battle.

Besides attack waves of enemies, you will need to avoid sudden holes, spiky wheels, dead pits as well as obstacles. Our tip for you is to look in all directions while continuously holding your shots. Don't hesitate to expand your weapon range by purchasing more items from the store after a few early stages. Be prepared to respawn on time and reserve your power! More games like Pac Xon or Unicycle Mayhem will easily be your next choice here at https://gogy.games/, so try them out! Game controls:

Instruction to play:

Move with WASD keys, use the spacebar to jump,

K key to respawn, aim and shoot with the left mouse.

Use the gained items with E key and Q key.