Offroad Animal Truck Transport

It will be one hell of a ride once you get your hands on the wheel of Offroad Police Cargo Transport since the terrain will be quite a challenge for you. The main goal of this Gogy driving game online is to master the art of driving a huge truck that is filled with goods, animals, fruits and so on. You need to successfully transfer all those things to the countryside without dropping anything along the way.

Not only is this a nice offroad driving game for a change but it also gives the drivers the chance to practice on different vehicles. Of course, the main obstacle is the twisty track that prevents your truck from keeping the balance. The task of transporting goods from one place to another is crucial because of the requirement of food, medical supply, and necessities.

The roads will be bumpy and full of spikes, holes, therefore, we recommend that you hold your driving wheel steadily. We are counting on you at to deliver these precious goods and keep our citizens' lives full! Don't dash downhill or go to the wrong direction, or else the game will be over!

Let's find out how long will it takes for you to conquer the whole trip on your own! For more road trips in games like Racing Rocket and Dangerous Speedway Cars, feel free to take any choice among our large collection. 

Instruction to play:

Move the truck using the arrow keys, interact using the mouse.