Pixelkenstein Halloween

Pixelkenstein Halloween will bring a whole new experience for your Halloween-themed game that is unlike anything else. When it comes to Halloween games, players usually imagine a horror game or a game with a dark color palette and spooky graphics with lots of scary characters. This new game from the Gogy arcade games will be one different game with a colorful setting and adorable pixelated main character. You will join Frankenstein in the pixel version to start on the search for candies through the levels.

There will be candies placed everywhere as well as traps, holes, spikes, and other obstacles. Your job is not only to beat the levels, gather all the candies that appear on the screen but also to avoid falling into any trap. First, test out the controlling keys to grasp the basic movement of the Pixelkenstein. There are two sets of controlling keys that the players can choose to use, so we recommend that you should get used to the buttons before starting the real journey.

Once started, you can collect the candies, think of the way to jump through the holes, gain the highest score, and get through the most levels. Your ranking on the Leaderboard at http://gogy.games/ depends on how many levels you can complete. This game has a count-down clock to signify the remaining time for you. There are only 60 seconds for you to complete one level, so move quickly!

The total score is shown at the left corner of the screen to allow the players to keep a check. You can play the game anywhere you like thanks to the availability of both CPU and Mobile versions. Add more games like Dracula Jump to your basket and enjoy free later! 

Instruction to play:

Move using WASD keys and shift keys, or arrow keys and shift key.