Egg Wars

Hit the other eggs while keeping yours safe and sound in this Gogy new game 4 kids: Egg Wars! If you are a hardcore fan of the classic first-person shooting gameplay, this one will bring tons of fun gaming moments to you. It's time to emerge in the new world where the eggs play the main character roles. You will control your unique egg character which is equipped with high-quality weapons and start exploring the map.

Defeat any other enemies that you find around the corner and stay alive until the end of the game. Multiplayer game is all about setting up a huge map where more than a few players can compete. You will have to wait until all the new players join the server, then the game shall start. Pick among the available game modes of team PvP and Battel Royale depending on your preference.

Keep in mind that each has a separate challenge and game maze, therefore, let's try out both to emerge in the thrilling gaming experience that is diverse! Lead the battle with your skills and learn how to perform the best shots. Only by becoming the best shooter will you be able to save the team and stay alive. In the battle royale theme, the players will find a variety of skins to explore as these are rewarded to them when they survive a stage.

Keep upgrading the skins as well as the weapons to stock up your collection and make the character stand out! Moreover, don't forget to check your rank on the Rating board at the end of each turn to see if your performance and shooting technique was good enough to get you to the top-ranged score. How about some more shooting games like Grenade Hit Stickman from our list at

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move, R to reload, and shoot with the left mouse button.