Red Ball 2

Hello and welcome to the Red Ball game. Based on mini golf, this game follows the adventures of a red ball. Hundreds of exciting levels, both easy and difficult, await you. Can you get through everything? Simple, but complex gameplay will keep you occupied for a long time. Compete with your friends and push yourself further and further. Unlock new levels all the time. Every level in the game Red Ball. 

We welcome the most creative ways and methods to solve the different types of puzzles in more games such as Space Escape. Find all of them with just one click on the website of gogy games without any cost! You can restart the level if you didn't succeed, to do this, use the refresh button in the upper right corner. Good luck !

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchscreen to control.

To throw the ball, you need to pull the indicator like in the game Angry Birds, like a slingshot.

You have 5 attempts to hit the ball into the hole.