Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Aiming skill shall be the most crucial element for the players of this game Sniper Shot: Bullet Time as you will participate in an intense spy game of Gogy 2022 where the best snipers win. Hit the enemy with limited shots and learn how to control your trusty weapon - the sniper rifle on the battlefield. In this shooting game, it's the chance for you to join and perfect the aiming technique, survival skills, and the best movement for dodging the others' attacks.

It's a fabulous choice for relaxation and for enjoying the satisfaction of shooting precisely after a long day at work. How will you use the rifle to hit the bullets at all enemies and penetrate the right position? Keep an eye out to learn how the enemy rails unfold and you might catch a glimpse of the unique footage appearing in the game.

Don't forget that you can explore more firing positions and directions to fight and demonstrate your best dangerous stunts as well. Add this to your favorite game list and unlock all the levels possible! Not only will you get the chance to dominate the Leaderboard with the combat ability and the best speed you can demonstrate.

The top rankings are for the kids who can survive this intense shooting match regardless of the obstacles! For each stage, complete all requirements in order to finish it and move on to the next ones. Share the tips that you gather throughout this journey with the other players and continue the exploration with plenty of new games similarly in terms of themes and graphics such as The Smurfs Village Cleaning from

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move,

aim using the right mouse,

shoot using the left button,

jump using the spacebar.