Falling Flowers

There is a Terminus line at the top of this game called Falling Flowers from the Gogy puzzle game, and it's your job to prevent the flowers from reaching it. There are tons of power-ups available to assist you, but keep in mind that it's still your ability and brainstorming that get the game going in the first place. Let us guide you through the main task in this game of falling flowers.

There will be tons of flowers of different colors but they are being placed in different and messy positions. You will need to arrange them accordingly and move them to their correct position before the grid is filled up to the brim. Three flowers that have the same colors or shapes will be qualified for matching. Find a way to switch the positions and link three or more together in the vertical or horizontal row to gather them.

The more you collect, the higher your ranking and scores will be. This kind of game will emphasize on the observation and arranging skills of yours and help enhance them to make them advanced. Speed is not the main element in this game in http://gogy.games/, but make sure that you don't think for too long. It will decrease the chances of rearranging the flowers since they are filling up all the blank spaces.

Vibrant graphics and amazing background music will make this game attractive to kids of all ages so there's no need to worry about any restriction! As the flowers keep on falling, the game will become harder and more challenging. Solve more puzzles and embrace the difficulties with more jigsaw, quizzes, and puzzles such as Cartoon Autumn Puzzle or Join & Clash.

Instruction to play:

Move the flowers and match using the left mouse cursor.