Virtual Families Cook Off

A wide range of dishes is waiting for you to finish in this Gogy cooking game that has just been added to thí exclusive collection called Virtual Families Cook Off! Not only will you be able to learn different tasks in the kitchen but you can also cook up different and creative recipes. From preparing for the fire and the grill, collecting the sugar and spices, stirring your marinades to serve the customers, you will be able to start your restaurant where you and your family are the main staff and chefs.

Before taking over the role of a chef, starting your cook-off journey with small and easy dishes first. We have a detailed step-by-step tutorial that will keep the newcomer engaged and guided through the section of the game. Thanks to the elaborated storyline and many different missions, you will get from the easy dishes to the complicated ones. Don't forget to manage the time once the dinner dash starts in order to guarantee the on-time delivery to your guests. If your customers get mad due to having to wait for too long, they will stop standing in line and move to another shop.

Don't let that happen and keep serving the hot delicious dishes in your restaurant! From pizza, sushi, sashimi to curry, can you guarantee the quality of all dishes regardless of the recipe? A tip for newbies is to keep check of the ingredients, spices and you will not miss out on anything crucial.

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Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to choose the items and cook.