Poppy Dungeons

In the new Gogy free game 4 kids - Poppy Dungeons, we are putting together a special team with the elite fighters who are responsible of responding to the call of terrified citizens. Save them from the dungeons and defeat any enemies that stand in your way to avoid being eaten by the huge purple monster roaming the alley! The goal is to be the last survivor remaining in all levels of this quest to escape dungeons.

Get out safely from the dungeons using your shooting and eye-hand coordinating techniques. As there are tons of enemies hidding around the corners, stay alert at all time and prepare to counterattack when you see something new pops up. The trainied soldiers shall not hesitate to shoot you and they might even chase you down to eliminate you entirely.

Keep your eyes on the road and stick to one main objective of defeating the army of ferocious Huggy Wuggy. How will you be able to improve the damage range with these limited resources? We hope that you will be able to use the gained coins at the store to purchase more updated weapons, shields, lives, first aid kit that will prove to be beneficial to your success rate! The game involves lots of different features ranging from action, arcade, shooting, and puzzle game.

When there are multiple monsters attacking, which tactics will you pick to get out of the tough situation immediately? Don't forget to utilize the weapons and bombs, explosives to clear up the path easily. Get your hands on more similar games like Battle Heroes 3 with cool graphics, 3D animation, and the fun gameplay from the collection of gogy games!

Instruction to play:

Use the joystick on the screen to move with the mouse cursor.

Use the touchpad on mobiles and tablets to move.