Stick Transform

Stick Transform is the new marathon running game for the kids who are looking for some games with dynamic gameplay and simulation design! Get into this new Gogy fun gaming selection for free and learn how you can overcome different types of terrain on the race track. There are two main characters - the two stickmen that you can switch back and forth in this game. The first one is a marathon runner who is very good at hopping, jumping over the barriers.

The second one is a worker who can immediately build a strong and persistent path over the gaps between the poles. Use the power of transformation and transform into a suitable character when the situation changes. If you are heading for a high block, it's best to use the first one's ability. However, when you see a gap coming up, make sure to switch to the second stickmen on time.

Keep in mind that there will be some certain disadvantages for each type. The second stickmen can build, but he moves very slow, therefore, only changing to him once you reach the edge of the path to avoid being left behind. After all, it's a race between the tough players who can manage their resources very well, therefore, do your best and coordinate well to get to the top spot in this high-pace race.

The more levels you can complete in the 1st position, the more rewards and coins you will gather in this game from! If you are searching for more hilarious games to play later, check out the list of free games with the top selection such as I'm A Skateman on our website! Keep running and get to the destination line as fast as possible without tripping.

Instruction to play:

Click on the characters to transform.