Swamp Attack Online

As you are surrounded by dangers in Swamp Attack Online, prepared to defend your house and stay alive! Not only is it a new game with the theme of defense from the collection of Gogy free games 2020 but it’s also a great choice with amazing story line. The most elaborated gameplay awaits you right here! In the middle of this wet and dark swamp lies your house, which is under attack by dangerous creatures. They have weapons and want to take over the base as fast as possible! It’s time to take your gun, load it up and blast the powerful bullets at those mutants, elves, monsters and the strangest creatures on earth.

To survive the attack, you need to shoot precisely at any target that you choose to knock them down one by one. One missing bullet and you will waste a lot of time trying to keep up with the herd of mutants approaching closer and closer. Be very focus and stay alert as well as pay attention to the energy bar. Collect the extra dynamites, bombs and explosives to make a blast of them! Don’t forget that there are updates that can secure your house.

The more weapons you collect at http://gogy.games/, the more choices you have during the real fight. Switch between the handgun, rifles, cannons and so on to pick the most suitable for each target and goal. Don’t let them bite you and continue with more shooting adventures in the games like Defend Home and King Rugni Tower Conquest

Instruction to play:

Click to shoot at the monsters.