Nutmeg Football Casual

Nutmeg Football Casual Html5 Game is one of the best casual sports games for kids here at Gogy land thanks to the cool gameplay, high-quality design, and a detailed tutorial. Keep your eyes on the ball and learn how to maneuver and control the indicator to demonstrate the best shot. The method is not too hard to learn, however, it's quite time-consuming to master the gist of the game.

In order to conquer all levels with the top scores, the players will need to find the exact angle of the shot. There will be an indicator on the parameter moving from the left to the right of the screen. The position that you stop the indicator will be the level of force and direction that the ball moves towards. Make sure that you estimate the timing and choose wisely so that you can kick the ball from between the player’s legs.

The goal of all levels is to make sure that the ball passes from the player’s legs to reach the goal net at the back of him. If you fail to conquer this challenge using the given number of balls, you will fail the mission and can't move towards the next ones. The difficulty level increases significantly from one level to another, therefore, keep your focus to learn the differences in terms of layout, distance to the goal, and the movements of the goalie.

The game will become more difficult as you progress to higher levels to bring out the players with the best skills for football matches. It's a fun virtual game for kids of all ages without any restriction of ages or genders, along with creative and updated gameplay! Would you like to grab some friends to participate in more adventures in other games like Halloween Puzzles from

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click on the screen to stop the indicator.