Oomee Cake

Oomee Cake will be quite a challenge for the new players if you haven't gotten the necessary skill to estimate the timing, control the movement of the cakes and drop them when it's right! Go on and challenge your set of skills when it comes to tackling a new Gogy platform game like this one, with colorful graphics, delicious-looking stacks of cakes, and many other new features!

The rule is simple, so let us guide you through the basics of the game with this explanation. All you need to do is to stack the cakes, one layer after another, with the purpose of reaching the highest checkpoint in this game. As the cake layers move randomly and automatically from the left to the right and vice versa, it's required for you to estimate the movement and predict the best timing to drop each layer.

Any part of the layer that is outside the frame and can't fit on the previous blocks will be trimmed off. This means that the more precise you can stack, the more cake and scores you can gather per layer. Refrain from dropping too much of the cake layer to avoid losing the game too soon.

As the parts hanging off the side get cut off quickly, you have less room and platform to stack the next layers, which results in a higher chance of failing. Continue to advance with more games of similar themes such as Reflection Symmetry or Stickman Team Force 2, all from the list of http://gogy.games/ with the best design and gameplay! Feel free to take a look at the specialized list for each genre and conquer them all!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click or tap on the screen to drop the cake layers. How many will you be able to stack before you lose focus on the moving layers?