Donut Sort Fun

How good are your sorting and arranging techniques? Learn how to sort out the delicious donuts and put them to the correct pole in this Gogy puzzle game of Donut Sort Fun with the best online game of donuts stacking and sorting for kids regardless of gender and age. Once you enter the game, you will find that there are plenty of donuts with different colors and flavors stringing on cylinders.

The goal of the game is to keep the store neat and structured by arranging the donut pieces with their right flavor. Each flavor should be gathered on the same cylinders and there shouldn't be any mixture between two or more flavors. First, observe the donut order and come up with a few steps ahead. Think of the strategy and how you will arrange the donuts, which one to move first, and so on.

Once you are ready, start putting the donuts with the same flavors or colors together through repeated conversion moves. The operations should focus on the sole purpose of putting the donuts in the right places. As the game is simple at the beginning, be prepared for harder challenges and difficult puzzles later. It's the perfect choice to enhance your logical thinking, problem-solving, and brainstorming technique when it comes to a logic game at!

We recommend that you should try to limit the number of moves and time wasted for each stage in order to get the most out of your bonuses. Combos are rewarded to the players if they manage to arrange the donuts with the least moves! The world of free games has a bunch of new gaming options for you to pick such as Lady Strange And Ruby Witch or BFF Summer Vibes.

Instruction to play:

Move the same color donuts using the left mouse or the touchpad.