Heels Stacky Rush 3D

Take this chance to explore the world of highest brick walls that you can overcome in the game of Heels Stacky Rush 3D from Gogy land. This is a new gaming option with thrilling gameplay, a vibrant color palette, and the best platform for 3D challenges. What you will do is collect more heels that help the character stand tall. The more blocks you have, the higher your character can reach.

If you manage to overpass block walls on the sky platform tracks with your heels, you will gain a score. However, for each failed time, your total gained scores will be deducted by one. Moreover, the heels get chopped off if you crash into the walls. As it's one of the most 3D skillful games that you can get from the basket of gaming options at https://gogy.games/, make sure to learn the basic mechanism of the game before hitting any stage.

The key to passing the blocks walls is to make sure that you have the same height of the heels as the current block wall. The more walls you overcome, the better your skills will be. Gained coins can be used to purchase or exchange for new skins, accessories, boosters, all to help you ace the next challenges.

Feel free to check out a variety of new genres for kids in our game list with options like Red and Blue Stickman Huggy 2 or Gunfighter Gunmans Proof, available for free at anytime you spend online. Go ahead and tackle this long line of high walls in our 1st pov game of Heels Stacky Rush 3D and win the top scores! Only the best players who can manage the heels will be able to top the ranking board!

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to move the character and control the heels.