Fall Race Season 2

To survive in this colorful running platform, you will need great reflex and the ability to overcome many other players! The goal to win Fall Race Season 2 from Gogy kid game is to reach the destination before other players. Don't fall in the middle of the platform or else you will get left behind! Only 22 first players who manage to arrive at the finish line can claim the victory titles.

This game varies in designs and maps as these change on each level to increase the difficulty and to create more challenges for players. Are you ready to start running and overcoming blocks, obstacles, trap doors, holes, and so on? It's crucial to make moves at the right timing so that you can get the upper hand and become the 1st! This new version has tons of updates and 3D graphics that are different from what you experienced in the 1st version.

Moreover, enjoy the significant differences in map designs and layouts since the new environment allows more activities but also applies new unique rules. Explore for yourself and adapt quickly to avoid being eliminated. You will have to run along with the race and overcome the obstacles while making sure that no other players can hit or push you, which will be quite tough.

Multitasking is a must to save yourself and steer clear of traps in this free game at http://gogy.games/, as well as in other fast-paced games like Letters Parts! There will be 30 players participating at the same time so it's will be quite a thrilling race for newbies. The players are set out to jump over the blocks, cliffs, avoid the scattered bricks and moving blades, defeat the sharp edges of the platforms, and so on! Earn more diamonds and purchase all the skins and clothes from the store to make your character unique among the bunch! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrows to move, spacebar to jump up.