Ultra Sharp

There are many challenges for you when you join the famous game called Ultra Sharp at http://gogy.games/. Different shapes are on the top and you need to cut them to pieces. The rupture can move and touch the white circles at the bottom. Once there, you can win with the highest score and pass that level. Different challenges are offered to online game players worldwide. Gaming tips can help you move better in this exciting game.

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You can destroy the alignment of the blocks in this game and make them touch those circles below. After going through the challenges, you can continue with the other levels of the game. There are many different levels that you can join in this game. It is great if you can complete them and not be bothered by many factors. We are constantly updating new games for players around the world to participate in their free time or after stressful working hours.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to drag the position where you want to cut blocks into different pieces and they can touch the white circle at the bottom.