Witch Magic Academy

The world of magical items, potions, spells, and many other cool items will open up for you to explore in this gaming option of Witch Magic Academy from Gogy game for kids! If you are in the search for a new game that is adorable with a sparkling design for kids, especially girls, this one will no doubt be one of the best new options? Don't worry if you haven't tried composting the potions yet, this game brings valuable tutorials and recipes for you to try out.

Start working your way from the simple recipes and move your way toward the harder ones. There are four main sections that you can select from, ranging from the herbs, the main ingredients, the additionals, and one last special one. The goal is to brew the most effective shapeshifting potions from the given ingredients. There are so many possible combinations that you can make from the few available ingredients, therefore, we recommend that you try many times.

You can also save your shapeshifting body in the form of cards and pictures to record the results. Each mini-game in this huge game will have different features, however, some famous ones that you will find interesting shall be the game of puzzling, the interesting tasks of arranging, the magical graphics for girls to enjoy, and of course, final collectibles for sharing with other friends online!

Your experience with gaming like this will be new and strange thanks to the updated gameplay and unique theme. It's pretty easy so all you need to do is to spread your imagination and make sure that you can test out all the possibilities that create a new potion. Endless combinations bring different results in this game from https://gogy.games/, let's find out which one is your favorite! Other games like Santas Magic Christmas will be some awesome options for you!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click using the left button to interact.