Wood Block Tap Away

We added another game to unleash your inner puzzling potential with Wood Block Tap Away - the latest 3D gaming of the puzzle genre from Gogy land! Enjoy the 3D setting in this game as it's amazing to explore for a puzzle game. You will be able to activate more brainstorming skills and understand how a 3D gaming puzzle works. The goal is to swiftly free all the cubes and remove them all from a single mixed block. To do so, the players need to push the cubes away one by one from the original blockage to clear the screen. However, the tough part that you will encounter is the difference in the block direction.

These blocks have imprinted directions on them, and they will not move unless facing the right direction. Learn how to observe the layout of given pieces, strategize which to remove first, and rotate the shape or improvise depending on the situation! You can rotate the chosen pieces by swiping your finger as well, which helps you find the best angle for the mentioned pieces on the screen. Keep in mind that the difficulty level increases as you progress throughout the game, as well as the block sizes.

These block forms shall become larger and contain a more complex direction maze, which makes it harder to solve the puzzle in one go. Let's train your mind and come up with the best logical solution for each puzzle! It's a fun and mind-teasing game for kids who want to improve their critical thinking skills in a fun 3D game setting. Try it out and see if you can get away with the highest scores in this highly addictive and enjoyable game online at https://gogy.games/! Feel free to roam our list and take a look at some equally cool puzzle games like Jelly Battle or Skydom Reforged

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to choose the cubes and remove them.