Protect Red Indian Man

The Indian man who is the main character of Protect Red Indian Man free game is in need of your help due to the constant attack of arrows from many different directions. The shooting fire in this Gogy 2020 game takes the man as the target and it will not stop blasting arrows toward the man. Only by escaping from the fire and dodge its attack can you help the man to break free.

It will not be easy, however, we guarantee that it shall be a thrilling and fun experience for a casual and arcade game online! The movement of this game will be from the left to the right and vice versa. Choosing the right timing to move is one thing, however, you will have to estimate the length and the direction of the arrows to make sure that you pick the right direction. If you run in the wrong direction, the life of this Indian man will be in danger. The further you run, the higher scores you will gain thanks to the length that you reach.

Keep staying alive for a long time to find out what surprises await you ahead. The game allows the players to replay for as many times as possible, therefore, don't hesitate to challenge yourself with new stages and levels since they will enhance your techniques significantly. The different point of this arcade game is that you can only move forward if you finish the current stage that you are assigned.

Shake up the scoreboard with your best record and don't forget to add this game to your favorite list in Have you tried out other familiar games for kids of all ages such as Jungle Dash Mania or Lava And Ninja Skateboard

Instruction to play:

Move the Indian man using the left and right arrows or by clicking on the screen.