Stack Maze Puzzle

Stack Maze Puzzle is the next popular game for kids of all ages thanks to the satisfying gameplay and the clearance of tiles from the screen! Get your hand on this game of Gogy land and take part in this interesting leisure game immediately! If you are good at maneuvering while balancing a high stack of items, your skills will get the chance to shine in this game.

Learn the most appropriate route and change the direction when you reach the corner. This helps the character advance while collecting more tiles and reach the end by sliding through the corners and guidance. Keep an eye on the red arrow as the guidance in the corners as these will be the force to push you forward. Not only is this game a fun choice but it's also rich in storyline and various chances to replay.

Feel free to share the exciting and exhilirating game modes with your friends to compete and see who can be the winner of the most levels. Your gained tiles will be used to lay out at the end panel and see how many combos and boosters you are rewarded with. There are various maze types showing up when you progress to higher levels in the game.

Let's see if you can conquer both the maze and the collection of tiles in this game from! The player who manages to bring home the most board and not miss out on any part will easily be the top competitors! Free free to spread the creativity and showcase the best tactics in other games like Moon Mission to pocket the top scores everywhere you go.

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to move the character and the stack of tiles.