Flying Cars Era

A whole new generation of car games has arrived at Gogy land with the new gaming selection called Flying Cars Era! How will you manage to deal with these superb new car models that can drive, fly, and compare in the top-notch race? Let's hop into the adventure and figure out the necessary steps that you need to control the car and win all races possible!

There are a total of three game modes with different features and requirements, ranging from Free Drive, Challenge to Race. Choose the one that is suitable for you and your skill sets. There are options available for 1 or 2 players regardless of which model you pick, so go ahead and get a friend to have fun with! Five flying cars will be ready for you to be used, but make sure that you get enough diamonds by conquering other tasks before getting the new car.

In the first Free Drive mode, the players need to find their ways inside a huge map to move from ramps to barriers and collect the diamonds. For each successful hop through the circles, you gain extra five diamonds for future use, but only if your goal is to increase the total number of diamonds. Instead, if you are going for a challenging race with an adrenaline rush and thrilling sensation, the second mode of Challenge will be the more suitable one.

Get through all the setup challenges and be the one to bypass the obstacles to reach the final finish line within the shortest time range. How long will it take for you to get through 2 laps for each turn before the other 5 opponents take you out? Get the top rank and 1st place in more racing games such as Food Empire Inc from our website of to brush up on your driving technique a bit!

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, space to brake, R to reset car positions, B to look back.