Linear Basketball

The main activity in this Gogy sports game: Linear Basketball is not moving across the field to dunk the ball. Instead, what you are going to do is to draw the path using the mouse. This is the first time you can find a game of sports in which the solution requires wisdom and creativity. Will you be able to draw the shortest and most accurate path that will lead the ball into the net?

First, observe the court and the position of the basket to figure out which direction you need to go. Once you have got the layout, start drawing lines from the basketball to make it move, roll, rotate and reach the basket destination that the game requires. Not only will there be more obstacles but you also have to look out for pitfalls that will swallow your ball when you reach higher levels. The game starts when the ball falls without any warning from the top position.

Once it falls, quickly draw and guide the ball toward your desired direction so that it doesn't slip off track. Align the set speed and use your accuracy in drawing and observing to complete the levels one by one! Speed is one of the crucial elements in winning this game. Whether you can get the ball when it first falls or not depends solely on your speed, so stay focus and reflex quickly.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and draw the lines.