Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 2020

Tuk tuk is a famous public transportation that can be found in countries like Thailand. But do you know how to control this strange vehicle while carrying out the tasks in Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 2020? Prepare to explore the Asian road of this Gogy free game where the elephants roam freely and you still need to pick up your passengers. The mission is to find the location of the customers by driving through the main road, then pick them up and continue moving to drop them off at the correct destinations.

Rough path and bumpy roads are the obstacles that will make it much harder to balance the vehicle. However, the real threats are the roaming elephants. If you can't steer the vehicle clear away from them, they will come and knock into yours. To survive more tough terrains with difficult gaps and narrow hills, you need to purchase more and more equipment at the store. Don't miss out on the decoration that will transform the appearance of your tuk-tuk at http://gogy.games/ as well!

Another thing that the players should keep in mind is that the elephants can push you off the road and down from the edge, which will be your end. Don't waste three chances in this game and try to protect your vehicles and customers at all costs! For more games similar in theme as this one, check out some options like Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game and Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

Instruction to play:

Drive the tuk-tuk using the mouse or arrow keys.