Falling Down Stairs Online

Falling Down Stairs might sound like a simple game of free-falling, but there's so much technique required for this intense game. On a 3D graphic design background with vivid images, the players will be indudged in a world of virtual races! Fast-paced as it seems, you will need to calculate the steps to avoid being stomped on. The goal is to be the first player to reach the end of the stairs without being pushed off track.

This Gogy game has one of the most addictive gameplay that will attract kids who love to gain high scores in a fun arcade game. It's your turn to figure out the answer to what will happen when we fall down the stairs! As you roll, there will be multiple obstacles and traps such as the spikes, the higher blocks, and confusing intersection.

In order to be the last one standing, you need to have the biggest desire to conquer an endless staircase with the purpose of discovering new methods to win. Feel free to snatch the items from opponents and find the timing to push some of them off the stairs as well! Newbies will probably find it difficult to smoothly move between stairs, but you should practice more and more to enhance the movement and flexibility.

The competition in this game at http://gogy.games/ is fiercer than ever, so don't forget to hop into the races of the century with more racing games such as Fiveheads Soccer or Capture The Chickens! Most of these games will be a mind-blowing gaming experience to make your playtime interesting. 

Instruction to play:

How to play Falling Down Stairs: Click and drag the left button to control and move the character. Let's see how many stairs you can conquer before getting side-tracked!