Pokey Balls

Throwing the balls is just one of the tasks that you need to accomplish to be verified as the best player in Pokey Balls - the new Gogy ball game for kids. As this game follows similar gameplay with other ball-throwing games, the mission you will be challenging in this one will be the same. All players get to control their given ball among the batch in order to compete to find out who can throw it better.

There will be a destination or target set before each stage starts. In order to score, the ball needs to either reach the checkpoint on the tower ahead or go to the furthest length possible. Either way, the players need to estimate the distance between these two marks and choose the best force for shooting the ball. The rules of physics also apply in this game as those rules will determine how high the ball can soar.

A suitable angle with a good throwing force will guarantee better performance per stage as you figure out the best solutions to these 50 challenging levels. While checking the starting force, it's crucial to keep the ball balanced and move steadily after the initial throw-up. Keep up the good work throughout all possible segments of one level so that the ball can land safely at the designated checkpoints.

Should you fail to overcome one level, feel free to restart and sharpen your skills again with a diversity of missions in this game from http://gogy.games/! Your favorite game basket can be filled with some other entertainment options such as Number Maze or Genie Quest, all of which are available online and within reach! Which pillars will be the highest that you can reach? 

Instruction to play:

Click and control the ball using the left mouse button.