Defend Home

The monsters are the biggest threats to your village in Defend Home, so it's your ultimate goal to clear the village of these enemies and keep your citizens safe and sound. This Gogy new game is one of the latest game of fighting theme with pixelated graphics and elaborated set of statistics. Use the given data and you will be able to set up a powerful defensive line, which serves the purpose of protecting yourself.

The players have to control different characters, then use the weapons available to fight with rivalry villagers. The rivals shall appear in the order of the road path, but they are crowded in numbers and very aggressive. Do your best to come up with a smart set-up to shoot down as many enemies as possible. It's all about getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of each character, then choose the right spot to place them. A good arrangement on the grid at will contribute to your faster success.

It's a game for one to go up against the CPU, but if you love this genre, don't forget that we have plenty of other extremely exciting games such as Master Archery Shooting and Tiger Simulator D. This opportunity to be the top player is here for kids of all ages! Let's find out how many characters it will take for you to overcome one stage! 

Instruction to play:

Place and choose the characters using the mouse cursor.