Fiveheads Soccer

The new virtual version of the World Cup is here with Fiveheads Soccer - a new online sports game for soccer lovers! It's time to select your desired soccer team among the available countries and showcase your skills. The game is complicated with a wide range of teams, a complex map, and many different controlling keys. The players will have to control all members of the soccer head team at the same time while choosing to enjoy a 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 gameplay.

Countless matches are waiting for you to enjoy during your spare time! Let us guide you through the rules, gameplay, and special mechanism of this Gogy free game. You will control the players one by one with the goal of following the ball, control it and kick it into the goal. Once the ball is pitched, the game will automatically start so you should constantly move the team members.

Don't let the opponent get a hold of the game because they can move it toward your side of the field. If you feel as if there is enough room for movement, go ahead and attack to score! In other circumstances, feel free to protect the ball and your field to keep a draw result. Not only is this an amazing game from the latest sports gaming options but it's also the start of your soccer career online!

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Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use the WASD or arrow keys to move the players, spacebar to kick. For mobile and tablet users, move using the button on the screen and tap to kick the ball.