Pig Ball Impostor

Pig Ball Impostor is the new adventure of the cute ball pig that will get you bouncing on the long path for as long as possible. Whether you can get through all these struggles and bypass the obstacles or not depends on your flexibility and timing. Jump and roll down the path to reach the far end of the right-handed side, where the exit door is. On the way, you need to hunt down the impostors that are moving back and forth.

Jump on them correctly and precisely and make the special thing clear off the board. Make sure to collect the stars on the path while staying alive. One-touch or contact with the enemies will make your results of that level go away and you have to restart all over again. Only by conquering a total of three stars can you gain the maximum range of scores in this game from Gogy online game!

Kill the monsters precisely to demonstrate your skills when it comes to maneuvering and avoiding these new objects. We have only ten levels but the differences in layout and the number of obstacles will be the key factors that challenge you in these stages. Keep in mind that you always need to be alert of the enemies lurking around the next corner as you move in this side-scrolling game from https://gogy.games/

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move the character or control with the mouse.