Elf Defense

Build the strongest line filled with Elf Defence to protect your elf kingdom from the attack of the outsiders! This is more than just a normal puzzle game. Gogy land adds more feature to make the game more exciting and requires more strategy.

You will control your own army of elf to come up with the best way to distribute and place the soldiers around the garden. There will be waves of outsiders trying to penetrate into the garden and your soldier will automatically shoot them down. However, since there are a lot of enemies on site, you will need more than just one soldier.

Also, keep in mind that you need to constantly update to increase the shooting force of the soldier, which allows them to maximize the damage range. You need to collect the possible Elves first using the given coins, then merge the ones with the same number. After that, put them into the correct position among the blank spots. Choose the best position for each of them will be helpful in diminishing the approaching number of enemies as well.

At http://gogy.games/, you need to wait a little bit for the soldiers to generate new coins so as to purchase more items. It's one of the best game with the interesting process to train the commanders. Don't skip other good games like Lab Rat Quest For Cheese and Ashtons: Family Resort from this collection! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose and place the soldiers.