Kara Sky Jump

The fierce bird in Kara Sky Jump long for reaching the high sky with his little flappy wings, will you help him out? This special main character in our latest Gogy game 2020 can't fly, however, he has the special ability to bounce up! He will need your help to guide his movement and make him jump up until he reaches the highest checkpoint possible. There will be lots of blocks and platforms that are floating scattered on air. These will be your supporting items to make it easier to hop up.

Keep jumping up one platform and another, as well as switching up to get the best momentum for your epic jump. Don't forget that if the platforms move and slide off the screen, make sure that you jump from it before it does. With the detailed tutorial at http://gogy.games/, you will master the basics and rules of the game in no time! The only problem is that you only have one chance, so don't fall or else the bird will not be able to jump up anymore!

It takes some endurance, consistency, and patience to be the best players due to the fact that this game doesn't allow any boosters or extra items that help you along the way. For more jumping arcade games like Pet Runner and FG Gold Mine, don't hesitate to give our website a click for the most fun gaming selections! 

Instruction to play:

Change the platforms and blocks using arrow keys.