Caveman Adventures

The mountains are filled with obstacles and dangers that will prevent you from advancing further. Let's join the caveman in this Gogy free game: Caveman Adventures for the most hilarious yet thrilling journey! While you are moving on your way to discovering the mountains, there will be huge stones tumbling down from the cliffs, which are the main challenges of the game. Your mission is to keep your only hero alive and move without getting squished.

Be quick-wit to predict the movement of the upcoming rocks, then choose to change the lanes or slide from left to right to avoid all of them. It's all about timing and perfect reflex to overcome these hazards. If you succeed in doing so, you can leisurely gorge on the delicious turkey that you catch on your way. The more turkey that you find, the more scores you get.

The same applies to dodge rocks. To make the game much harder, the creators of this game at add the new features on high levels. Some of the rocks will break into smaller rocks while rolling towards you, therefore, just switching lanes one time is not gonna be enough.

Dodge and dash flexible and do your best to stay alive long enough! How many piles of rocks can you overcome? Don't forget about other equally hot adventures in the jungle such as Gungame Paintball Wars and Precise Cannon

Instruction to play:

Click or use the arrow keys to move.