Capture The Chickens

Welcome to this pixelated game of Capture The Chickens from Gogy 2021 online games with the cutest characters and the cutest graphic design! Ariel lost some of his chickens and they managed to run away from the farm, so let's set off on an adventure to capture all of the escaped ones. He needs your help to guide him in the direction of the chicken. Once you spot a chicken, be quick to run after it before it gets away.

Speed is one element, but another crucial point is how many apples you can gather along the way. The apples are scattered on different blocks or sometimes hidden after some of the blocks, which means that you need to observe to capture them. Useful items will pop up from time to time with different functions such as more lives, faster speeds, and many more. Each player gets three chances to survive this game and the level ends if you surpass three lives.

As you run toward the chickens, use the wand in time to capture them and transfer them back to the farm. Pay attention to the total scores and other statistics on the top of the screen to learn your character's condition before anything goes wrong! A total of 30 levels are prepared for you to freely explore, but it takes time to conquer each stage so be patient and learn more tips and tricks on how to finish a level faster.

Practice more and your chicken-capturing skills will get better in no time! Come and share this game from.. with your friends as it allows two players at a time! Would you care for similar gameplay like Fall Days

Instruction to play:

Player 1 moves with arrow keys, jump with Z key, capture the chicken with X key.

Player 2 moves with WASD, capture with J key.