Color Magnets

A duet game for the fans of the platform genre is here at the collection of Gogy kid games! Color Magnets will bring the best experience with a cool game of endless moving through the levels to gather the stars. It’s a combination of a special rule, vibrant graphics, and cute characters that bring this game to the list of popular games for kids. Join this adventure of two different magnets with the color of red and blue.

As these two magnets represent the north and south poles, they attract and attack each other at the same time. You can guide the blue magnet on the normal platform side, yet the red magnet is moving upside down. If these two come into contact, they will stick to each other. The ultimate goal in all levels is to reach the finish line within the limited time range. But for the first few levels, controlling one magnet should be easy enough for you to grasp the basics of the game.

Once you got into higher levels, you will be in charge of controlling both of them. Make sure that none is left behind and complete its track. One of the most important points of this game is the hand-eye combination and coordination as the players are to guide both magnets at the same time. Also, it's not just about completing the journey.

Keep an eye out for the glowing stars that you find on your path. For each level, it's mandatory to collect at least one of them to bypass the level. The more you can gather the better, especially if you manage to keep three stars. Show the best of your performance with this free game from . as well as other games for both boys and girls like Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Instruction to play:

Control the blue magnet using the up arrow, the red magnet using the down arrow.