Arrow Twist

Arrow Twist will test your ability to balance the arrows while being flipped back and forth without dropping off the platform. The rank of platforms in Gogy all kid games will be quite the challenge for newbies as you will have to navigate before the arrow falls down the ground. There will be a red arrow showing on the screen that needs to be controlled so that it heads in the right direction.

The arrow will automatically rotate around its core, so you need to select the perfect timing, or else the arrow will dash off to another place that you can't control. The core of this fun game is to learn how to flexibly estimate the timing of your touch to succeed. Only by tapping when your arrow is facing the right direction will you be able to move up further and further. Do you know that this game has a special mechanism of super intuitive one-touch control?

This amazing game with relaxing gameplay will soon be your most hooked option for a long time without any cost! For new players, we recommend that you test it out to get used to how the arrow moves under the slightest touch. Feel free to fail and retry as many times as you would like to since this game is an endless game for exploration and experience-enhancing, especially if you are looking for a good combination of arcade and platform games to enjoy online.

Let's start hopping on this journey to reach the sky with this boosting arrow and show off your high record on our board in! Compete with more tough players in other multiplayer games such as Magic Pom or Fisherman Sliding Puzzles while getting some fun energy. 

Instruction to play:

How to control the arrow: Click when the arrow points in the right direction to bounce it up.