Virus Shot

In the era when the virus is all around you, will you be able to defeat it with your powerful vaccine shot? There is more to this Gogy game 4 kids than just simple arcade features. You will be able to demonstrate and practice to show your best aiming and shooting techniques with plenty of moving targets. You will be in charge of controlling the vaccine cylinder and making sure that it shoots the medicine correctly.

Aim at the floating virus of all types and shoot to make them disabled. The game allows each player to use a few shots only, and your medicine level increases only if you continuously shoot the virus. Become the best at aiming and shooting down the most virus to get more chances to continue the work. The catch is that once you miss three times, the game will end immediately.

This means that you have lost to the ugly virus as they have flocked the place! Don't let that happen and make sure that all your shots are well-defined and accurate. This version of shooting games along with other games such as Daddy Rabbit will be the best practice for the fans of shooting gaming selection, therefore, hit them up now! Will you make use of one sole syringe that rotates?

To shoot at the virus correctly and accurately, it's best to estimate the upcoming positions of the virus and aim a bit forward. Let's find out if you have the ability to inject medicine at the right time to hit all the viruses without failing! Get your hands on more diverse games in with different gaming features, ranging from single players to multiple players online!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click on the screen or tap on it to make the vaccine syringe shoot.