Fisherman Sliding Puzzles

Fisherman Sliding Puzzles brings a new enjoyable, challenging, and interesting game of jigsaws for the fans of this genre. This is not your ordinary jigsaw game but a new version with a specific theme, time count, and score count as well. Your job is to keep sliding the right pieces to make sure that all of the pieces will be moved to their rightful places before the time runs out. The goal is to recreate the sample image on the right panel of the screen within the given time.

You will find that there are two clocks on two sides of the mainboard, one for the time count and one for the score count. Should you take more time, your score will definitely decrease, therefore, do your magic quickly to finish the entire image as soon as possible. Take a good look at the sample image before making any move to get the full position of the pieces. This will allow you to select your moves and think of a creative way to win faster.

A total of 8 challenging levels, each with its unique layout, image, and theme, will be a good start, even if you are a newbie in this genre of game. Keep exploring all challenges to find out which image is the hardest among the 8 options. Only by finishing one task will you be able to move onto the next one, therefore, do your best to clear them out one by one. The game tests your problem-solving ability when it comes to limited moves and spaces on the board.

Unlike Tetris or other puzzle games in which you can freely put the pieces on the blank space, this one requires you to think more since you can only slide it to the free block close by. Learn how to win more puzzle games like Merge The Gems and become the best player ever! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left button to slide the pieces.