Bubble Shooter Passion

Bubble Shooter Passion brings the new type of leisure thanks to its bright visual and vibrant graphics. If you love a fun game of matching from Gogy online game, don't miss out on the lovely bubbles here! You will feel satisfied as you pop all the cute bubbles! Lots of colorful bubbles are placed on the screen in a random formation. Your job is to shoot the next bubble to the most suitable position to pop as many as possible.

Whenever the three same color bubbles touching, all of the bubbles below will fall down immediately. With this feature, the tip for a quick win is to aim at the bubbles which stay at the higher spot. If you can take advantage of the right technique, the less time you spend, the higher score you will get. All that matters is the wise strategy and a good sense of direction.

The main gameplay and rules of the game are simple enough for the new players to grasp quickly. If you are confident of your skills, why don't you take up all the challenges scattered in different rounds here at http://gogy.games/? Each round ends when there is no bubble left on the screen, so try your best to clear out the grid.

On higher levels, it will be harder to win since the formation and the position of the bubbles are more complicated. If you are looking for a relaxing choice, don't hesitate to play this puzzle game now! Other colorful games have been updated for you too such as Jewel Match and Neon Blocks

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to aim and shoot the bubbles.